May 3, 2022

Brave the Hello Lab

Back in March we had a Contest “BIG FISH. REEL STORIES” and asked our Skeeter viewers to enter their stories for the chance to win $250 worth of Skeeter Apparel. With several submissions and a lot of reading, Team Skeeter was able to narrow down the winner to this one story. This heart felt story is definitely worth the read. We have included the story from our winner below. Enjoy!

Dear Skeeter,

At first, I didn't think I had a story worthy enough to share. So, I didn't think to enter because any day out on the boat with my dog Brave is always a good day. Even if it's a skunk day.

I recently suddenly and unexpectedly lost Brave, my best friend, my outdoor partner due to a bacterial infection that took a rapid toll on her body on 3.29.2022. Brave was as tough as her name. She didn't even make a fuss or whine when I took her out the week before. She loved being on the boat as much as I did. Maybe that’s why, I didn't even notice that she was in pain. I didn't see any signs. Putting her down was the most painful thing I have experienced. What made this harder was, the day she passed was also me and my wife’s anniversary.

Today (3.31.2022), my wife and I went to the lake (Oroville Lake, CA) to find Brave a resting place. We found the perfect spot with a beautiful waterfall.

It was painful to not have her physically there with me, but I knew she wouldn't want me to waste a day out on the lake without a cast. It was a good day where I caught about a dozen good size bass. But as I was about the wrap up the day, I hooked one of my largest casts. A 10 pounder! My first ever DD. It got me thinking. I told Brave before she passed, to go find us that perfect tapered point at a lake so when I do come, I can catch her the biggest spotted bass so she can have her many licks. (she loved licking all my catches) Brave, from heaven already found that tapered point at the lake and lead me straight to it. I wished that she was there today. But maybe she was? -Chang Her